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Window Ideas

Window ideas are the most ask question I get asked about. The answer is to
keep it simple. When you build the blind, you have scrap material left over and
you also have the cutouts for the window openings. Save the material and use it.

The things that you will need for the windows are,

  • The window cutouts (mark them as to what window they came from).
  • 2 inch strips of scrap plywood or OSB
  • 2 or 3 hinges per window
  • Window latch or some hook & eye screws (to keep the window closed)
  • 3/4 inch screws
  • Nuts and bolts for the hinges

Some optional things that you want to consider,

  • Nylon Camo screen
  • Plexiglas (instead of the wood)
  • Staples or Velcro for the screen
  • Braces (will explain later)

Now that you have the material needed to create your windows, time to put them

Step One.
Trim around the outside of the window with the 2 inch strips. You can cut them
however you want. Cut them on an angle like a picture frame or square them up.
Either way, you want them to be 1 1/2 inches longer than the opening. You also
want to overhang the opening 1/2 inch. This is so the window has something to
rest against when it is closed. It also serves another purpose, which is optional
and will get into that later.

Step Two.
After the window is trimmed, lay the window cutout inside the opening. Center it
using any material that is the thickness of a saw blade. Place the hinges how you
want the window to open and fasten them. I place the hinges on the bottom if it is
a horizontal window and on the side if it is vertical.

Step Three.
If you have hook and eye screws, now is the time to place them where you want
them. The same goes if you are using latches. Fasten them down and test how
the window opens and closes. It should open and close quietly and smoothly.

This is the easiest and the simplest way to create windows for your hunting blind.
Face it they don’t have to pretty, just functional. The only time you really need
them is when you are sitting in it hunting and you want to keep the bugs out of
your blind.

From what I have tried and found out is that window screen works wonders. It
not only keeps out the bugs when the windows are open but if you use the Nylon
Camo screen, you can shot through it with your bow. I don’t recommend doing
that with a firearm.

To add a screen to the window is easy.

  1. Take the cutout and use as a pattern. Trace the outline onto the screen
    and cut it out.
  2. Place the screen inside the opening, up against the trim lip that is
    overhanging the opening.
  3. Using Velcro or staples, fasten the screen to the trim. For the firearm
    hunters, I recommend using Velcro, that way you can remove the screen
    when needed.
  4. Do the same for the rest of the windows.

Store the left over screen in a safe place for future use. You can always replace
the screen as needed when ever you like, or you can make extra as you are
making the ones for the windows.

Some want a see-thru window that doesn’t need to be opened all the time. You
can use Plexiglas instead of the wood cutouts. Use the cutouts as template and
trim as needed. Follow the steps for the windows as above and use Plexiglas in
place of.

This is something for the firearm hunters. I know how a good shooting rest can
make the difference. Well add a brace under the window and make it into a shelf
or rest. The brace can be anything that will hold the cutout at 90 degrees when
opened and strong enough to hold the weight of the firearm and your hand.

The easiest way I found is to cut a triangle from scrap plywood. The triangle
should look like a 30-60 degree triangle. For those not familiar with geometry, it is
longer than it is wide. Use a couple of hinges so it can be swung out of the way
when not needed and add a stopper to the window cutout, so it stays put when in

Now you have a simple window that works.

For those that would like them, Here is the PDF file with drawings.