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Choosing the Right Tower Blind?
Submitted By: Pete Gamet © 2006 on 10/25/2006

I offer several different models and sizes of tower blinds. Not all of my designs are going to be perfect for everyone. Knowing that, I try to offer a variety of different blinds. Some have a specific purpose and others can accommodate multiple uses. There is however several different questions that you should ask yourself when considering what will fit your hunting needs. Those questions should be weapon of choice, window configuration, number of persons at one time, size and budget.

One's first question should always be what weapon am I going to use with this blind? You basically have two choices, a firearm or bow. While the firearm is generally the more favored weapon of choice, archery is fast becoming more popular. Either weapon may be used with most of the designs we offer.

Next up is the windows and how they are configured. I offer a vertical window configuration or combination of a vertical along with two horizontal windows. The vertical windows are up and down, while horizontal are side to side. Generally archers like the vertical windows because they allow up and down movement. Which is important for those close in shots, less than 20 yards. Firearm users like horizontal windows for the side-to-side movement and it can act like a rest when needed. The comfortable range for a firearm hunter is from 25 yards out to 150 yards depending what part of the country you are from. Either window does the needed job; it is a matter of choice. I tend to design more vertical windows into my designs for the simple fact; I spend more bow hunting than I do with a firearm.

Another question is how many are going to be in the blind at one time? If it is just you hunting, then a smaller blind will do. If you have children that go with you then a medium sized blind is your answer. If you hunt with a guide or another person then a very roomy blind is for you.

Another thing to ask is what size do I need? This not easily answered. You have several things to consider when looking at the size and determining, which will work. The easiest way is to draw an outline on the ground and place a chair inside. You want to make sure you have enough room to freely move around without hitting something. This is especially true for archers. The way I found that works the best is to grab your bow. Nock an arrow and hold it like you were going to draw it back. Think of how you are going to move around to get into firing position and draw the bow back. You want to look to see if you have enough room to pick up your bow, aim and go to full draw within the confines of the blind. I recommend a minimum of 5 feet. For you firearm hunter's size is not as critical. You still need to be able to freely move around and have enough room to get the weapon into firing position. Bottom line is that you want something that will fit your needs and you feel comfortable in. The only one that can answer that is you.

Lastly it is your budget. How much can you afford to spend on this and still not be in trouble with the spouse? Generally the whole project runs from as little as $250 to $750 on the high side. It all depends on much comfort you want and what you are willing to spend.

Hopefully this can clear up some questions you had or it gave you more questions. Either way I cannot make the decision for you, which is up to you. I can answer any questions you may have and make modifications, if necessary, to the design. The rest is up to you.

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