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Testimonials and Reviews
What our customer had to say about our designs;

Box Tower Blind:
We have set up several of your Box Tower Blinds within our ranch. We use the larger 8 foot model as we guide clients. Many of those clients are accompanied by one of our guides and this 8 foot model is perfect. Lots of room and very quiet. Biggest advantage is hunting during the rainy season. We don't have the extreme cold here but rain is always evident during the hunting season. When many guides are striking-out, we continue to score and stay dry!

Instead of building the whole tower blind, I just built the blind portion. With some camo screen netting covering the windows it works great as a turkey blind and also doubles as my deer blind in the fall. I even modified it so I could move it from one location to another if I needed. Now I have the perfect blind.

Geometric Tower Blnd:
I would like to think that we have found a new direction for your product. We use your blinds for wild hog hunting with traditional archery equipment and the height of the design is what we needed. We also decided on the geometric design due to the fact that we hunt some 'very' open property where winds can be extremely heavy at times. True to your design statements we find that this blind suits our purpose perfectly. No more sand blowing right in the face and that alone was worth the purchase! If you havent had any feedback from boar hunters put us on the review list. Great product!

Outpost Tower Blind:
I use the Outpost blind for bear hunting simply because I want that full view of where I hunt. Bears have a tendancy to show up in the oddest places and the view from this blind lets me keep in touch with my sorroundings. This was very easy to build and I cant wait for the season to start!

I purchased your design as a play fort for my kids to use. Since it sits right behind my house, I also have been able to use it to practice my archery skills. A perfect blend, my kids have a play fort and I have a elevated platform to practice from. Now if only deer season would get here.

Platform Tower
My platform sets right off the yard and serves it's purpose only for practice with both my bow and the gun and it's been completely stable throughout the last two years. I find that the ladder rungs make a great rest for also practicing from the ground with my rifle. Good work!

Your 6ft platform tower was perfect for our archery range. We have added some railing and holders for at least two archers at a time to hone thier archery skills. The tower will see plenty of use in the coming months as the archery season nears. Keep up the good work.

I had purchased a very smilar ladderstand for well over $100. I like this type of elevation rather than the normal hanging stands or even the climbers. I'm a bigger guy and the design of the ladderstand is just more comfortable and secure. To make a long story short I decided to try and build this myself and through the use of your blueprints I was able to save enough money to also build a second stand. I don't have to move them around anymore as I have 3 total stands to choose from for each day I hunt. Thanks!

Your ladderstand prints were just what we were looking for. We now have two built and in the process of building a third. The funny thing is that we can build two or three from your designs for the price of one of those noisey metal ladderstands. Thanks.

Customer Service:
Thank you so much for taking the time to update your plans and to show you care enough about your product to send me an updated copy. The changes you made are perfect...they help tremendously. Also for taking the time to provide me with pictures of your tower base. I'm certain it will come in handy during the assembly process on mine.

Thanks again for taking the time to get back with me about my questions. You answered all of my questions and then some.
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