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Ladderstand Blueprints
Basic LadderStand
basic Ladder Stand

Price = $12.95
2 person Ladder Stand
2 Person Ladder Stand

Price = $14.95
Enclosed Ladder Stand
Enclosed Ladder Stand

Price = $14.95
Ladderstand Information

About This Product:
Ladder stands are an area which are marketed by nearly every manufacturer with very little emphasis to change in design. We don't claim to have created any ground-breaking industry standards here but we do put you in the drivers seat by allowing you to remove the high cost of manufacturers. All of our ladderstand booklets come with a materials list, detailed drawings, and an assembly guide, for step-by-step, clear, and concise, instructions. If you're constantly struggling with blinds created mainly for the firearm hunter, this is the design you need!

Enclosed ladderstand


  • Ladder Stand - Single person archery or firearm
  • 2 Person Ladder Stand - Two person archery or firearm
  • Enclosed Ladder Stand - Single person archery or firearm

  • Also check local state restrictions or applicable laws regarding elevated stands.

    What is included:
  • Material Cut List
  • Elevations
  • Blind Framing Details (Enclosed Ladder Only)
  • 12ft & 16ft Ladder Base
  • Ladder Details

  • Technical Specs:
  • File Format - PDF(Adobe Reader)
  • File Size - Range from 350 kbs to 800 kbs depending on model
  • Number of Pages - Range from 9 pages to 20 pages depending on model
  • Paper Size - 8 1/2 x 11 standard paper
  • File Delivery - Instant Download after confirmation of payment and an email with download instructions.

  • Additional Info:
    Weight Restrictions - We cannot grant any specific weight restrictions per model due to variances in lumber quality and indemnify any standardized claims in regards to weight restrictions.

    Skill Level - [ Beginner Intermediate Advanced]
    Beginner skills: Basic knowledge of carpentry skills, blueprint reading, and tool usage.

    This is a very flexible model in either design. Your allowances for quick portability can keep you on top of the action when game animal patterns make seasonal changes in their behavior. As an added benefit either of these ladderstands can be moved to take advantage of wind direction with very little disturbance to the sorrounding area.
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