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Commonly Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about our blinds.

Why wood, why not make the tower from steel?
For the simple fact that I know wood and wood is readily available to most people. My background was in the modular home industry.

How much does it cost to blind one of these tower blinds?
Lumber prices vary throughout the country. A good starting point is to visit Lowe’s website. You can check their prices and compare them to your local area lumber yards. Sometimes you can find better deals by shopping around.

How hard is it to build one of your tower blinds?
It depends on your skill level. You need to be able to read a blueprint, be able to use a measuring tape and know how to operate basic power tools, such as a saw and drill. I tried to design the towers so most could follow the designs and build them.

Can a woman build one?
I don’t see a problem with a woman building one. She would have to be comfortable with power tools, be able to read a blueprint and read a tape measure.

How long does it take to build one?
Again it varies on one’s skill level, the amount of time you have and how you finish it. I have built one in one day and had another take a couple of weeks. It all depended on how much time I had to work on it and how I finished it. A rough estimate is that it should take no longer than 3 weeks from start to finish.

Is it better to use screws or nails?
I like using screws. If I have to move it for some reason, I can unscrew it and move it if necessary. Plus screws hold better than nails. All the blinds are designed so if they need be they can be dismantled and moved if need be. That is why I specify lag bolts, bolts and screws in the material list.

Is it a good idea to paint it?
In the past I haven’t for the simple fact that I used treated lumber that was weathered and didn’t feel it needed to be painted. Now I will paint it to match the surroundings. Painting will help protect it from the elements and gives a nice finished look to it.

What kind of paint do I use?
I like a flat exterior grade latex paint. It is easy to clean up and the wood soaks it up pretty well. I like to paint the interior a flat black to help create shadows inside the blind. On the exterior, I use a gray base coat and add different colors that match my surroundings. I try to create my own camo pattern. One thing to remember is to use the same type of paint for all the painting. If you use a latex base paint, make sure the other colors are latex based also. The same holds true if you use a oil base paint.

Any suggestions on how to finish the windows?
I wrote an article that is posted on the site just on that subject. Personally I like to use the window cutouts as the windows. I hinge one side so I can open and close them from the inside.

Any suggestions on finishing the inside of the blind?
You want to be comfortable, bottom line. I carpet the floor and have an old computer chair that is adjustable for me to sit on. I also have a couple of shelves and hooks for my gear that I take with me. It all depends on how you want it.

When is the best time to place the tower at my hunting location?
The earliest as possible. I like to get mine out way before the season starts. It gives the deer time to get used to it being there and let the blind air out. I won’t put it out past Labor Day weekend. The winter months are a great time to build it, finish it and then in the spring take it out to your location. You want to give it at least a month before you hunt from it. Otherwise you run the risk of spooking the deer from the area till they get used to it being there.

How can I stop bees, hornets and wasps from making a nest on it?
Mothballs will help stop them from making nests and the mothballs will help keep mice out of it. Other than that, use a bug killer when you notice them making a nest. During the summer months, it is common problem. You can also make it so they can’t get inside by blocking any holes you find.