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Firearm Advice

Think safety

  1. Most important of all always TREAT your firearm as if was loaded at all times. This is the first rule they teach us during a safety class.
  2. When hunting in a group, always keep the muzzle of your firearm in a safe direction from your hunting partners. Also, know where everyone in your hunting party is at all times.
  3. When hunting with a shotgun, use the proper shell for that particular weapon. It is all too common for someone to place a 20ga shell in a 12ga and the barrel blows up in their face.
  4. Know your target and what is behind it. Never shoot at something on a ridge or at something you cannot identify.
  5. Do not shoot at a noise in the woods, for it may be another hunter.
  6. if you have children and they are starting to hunt, attend a hunter education class with them. Most every state requires some sort of safety education before one can purchase a hunting license.

Scope or open sights

  • Scopes are good for long distances
  • Open or iron sights are good for short distances.
  • This is something that you the hunter must answer for yourself. Each device has their good and bad points.

Sighting in
This is something you want to plan a day for, not the day before the season opener. You want to have a tight group at whatever yardage you decide. Some hunters sight in at 50 yards, while others may sight in at 100 yards. That is a decision you alone have to make. You know where you will hunt and the yardage. So setup accordingly.

And good hunting!