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One Room Cabin Blueprints
About This Product:
We offer several sizes of this design print to accomodate a larger consumer base with fluctuating incomes and expenditures. Our samples give you a moderate idea of how descriptive these blueprints actually are and more definitively how basic a project like this can be with proper procedures in place. In short we believe we have created the perfect tool for anyone who can read a tape measure, drive home a nail, and comfortably create some basic miter cuts.

Artist Rendition Models:

  • Spikehorn - 12'x12' one room cabin hunting cabin
  • Forkhorn - 12'x16' one room cabin hunting cabin
  • Droptine - 16'x16' one room cabin hunting cabin

Note: Please check local or state building codes or applicable laws.

What drawings are included:

  • Elevation
  • Floor Layout
  • Foundation
  • Floor Plan
  • Floor Framing
  • Roof Framing
  • Electrical drawings
  • Detail Drawings

We also can customize these drawings to suit your needs for an extra $24.95. Contact us for details.

Technical Specs:
  • File Format - PDF(Adobe Reader)
  • File Size - Range from 350 kbs to 800 kbs depending on model
  • Number of Pages - Range from 9 pages to 20 pages depending on model
  • Paper Size - 8 1/2 x 11 standard paper
  • File Delivery - Instant Download after confirmation of payment and an email with download instructions.

Additional Info:
Skill Level - [ Beginner Intermediate Advanced]
Intermediate skills: Moderate knowledge of carpentry skills, blueprint reading, and tool usage.

View a Sample One Room Cabin Plan
Hunting Cabin Designs
Spikehorn Model
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Price = $29.95
Forkhorn Model
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Price = $29.95
Droptine Model
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Price = $29.95
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